tweet landingI planned to post this tomorrow, but could not wait! So without any further delay I present the last of the top tweets from the most prolific of the #AFPICON attendees. This takes some work, but has totally been worth it to experience sessions through the eyes of others and to have a virtual seat in multiple rooms.

“I’m sorry for the long letter, I didnt have time to write a short one.” -Oscar Wilde #afpbrains #afpicon
— Nathan Hand (@nathan_hand) April 9, 2013

Best madeup word of advice to nonprofits: “Be FLAWSOME!” It’s OK to be irreverent to show your np’s personality. #afpicon #afpfoodtruck
— Raymund Flandez (@raymundf23) April 9, 2013

Here’s what @katyan4g has to say about the science of persuasion: #AFPBrains #AFPIcon
— Leah Eustace, CFRE (@LeahEustace) April 9, 2013

My motto Board members? “Treat Board members like best major donors they r or can be.” Make donor plan & work it 4 EACH 1. #afpicon
— Barbara Talisman (@BTalisman) April 9, 2013

65% of planned giving donors are married, 40% have given for 10+ years to org…but 21% have never given! #afpICON #afpmeet
— Lisa C. Burns, CFRE (@lisacburns) April 9, 2013

Clear print design standards: Design for older eyes! #AFPBrains #AFPIcon
— Leah Eustace, CFRE (@LeahEustace) April 9, 2013

RT @chrislebrun: You can’t build a brand. Those days were over on 50s. Customers build brands. via Bert Jacobs @lifeisgood #afpICON
— AFP Headquarters (@AFPIHQ) April 9, 2013

“I don’t want to give money to a charity. I want to change the world with my money.” -S Pidgeon #afpICON
— Susannah Shumate (@SusannahShumate) April 9, 2013

Whatever you focus on will grow! Focus on the positive. via Bert Jacobs @lifeisgood #afpICON
— Chris LeBrun, CFRE (@chrislebrun) April 9, 2013

You mean I can help change the world AND provide my family w/ a great life? Sign me up Bert! @lifeisgood #afpicon
— Emily Mapes (@emthesooner) April 9, 2013

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