The philanthropy primer is short and sweet this week, because I have things at home that need to get done… and I’m a one man show. Hope you enjoy the links and articles provided below!

A Crossroads on the Path of Professionalism in Fundraising
Props to Lilya for an excellent reflective on fundraising as a career and it’s slow journey to profession… or are we technicians?

Rap video makes college telemarketing cool
I laughed at this when I watched it… and I thought of Jen, Carol and Stacie (caution, contains swears)

Art for Art’s Sake? Hardly!
I think this is a article worth review considering the bad rap arts gets in the world of philanthropy

Checklist For Year-End Appeals
This article reminded me of the Howard Taylor approach…
Pre-phone #1, Pre-phone #2, Email #1, Email #2, Don’t Phon-a-Thon, Send “sorry-we-missed-you-when-we-were-calling” letters #1 & #2 

More philanthropy news items can be found here: 

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