Reconsidering the Titles We Give Professional Fundraisers

Within the profession we use awkward terminology to refer to the relationship donors share with the person that represents their connection with the organization (e.g. development director and major gifts officer). Neither of these titles reflect the balance professional fundraisers negotiate between donor intent and organizational need… a highly difficult task in light of donor advised funds, restricted gifts, and performance-driven grant making. These titles also fail to address the other aspects of the fundraising profession, the trust relationship.

Yes, Facebook Causes is a Bust

Philanthropy blog Give and Take asks the question, “Is Facebook’s Fund Raising a Bust?” Having tried giving via Facebook Causes shortly after it first launched the answer to this question is not difficult. Even with the 4.75% processing fee, the Facebook Causes application would probably have broader support from non-profits if gifts were given directly […]

Donor advised fund for the millennial generation

Here’s my first hand feedback on the Facebook/nonprofit topic. The Facebook plug-ins that allow donors to support their favorite causes through the popular social networking site basically amounts to a donor advised fund for a new generation. Gifts given through the Facebook Causes application go to┬á where they take a 3% cut for credit card […]