2011 AFP NC Philanthropy Conference

This entry provides links to presentation materials referenced during my August 11, 2011 session at the 7th Annual AFP NC Philanthropy Conference in Durham, North Carolina. My session, International Perspectives to Inform Our Best Practices, explores the context for philanthropy and charity for international cultures such as those in Africa, Asia and Latin America and helps us reconsider our best practice models in light of a diverse perspective.

Ethics Rapid-fire for Your Next Staff Meeting

Ethical lapses don’t have to happen. To help keep the discussion of ethics alive in your organization, here are some quick questions to use at your next staff meeting to start a meaningful conversation.

Cultivation and Qualification for Major Gifts

The Private School Sample Case Study is a basic exercise in developing the skills necessary for cultivation and qualification to identify how a major gift prospect connects with your case for support in a way that resonates with their interests. Often times this can be as simple as an honest conversation over a cup of […]