tweet twigThe second day of #AFPICON was filled with awesome quotes and memorable moments. Here is the second day of top tweets from the most prolific of the #AFPICON conference attendees.

RT @npmarc: You can spend all the time in the world correcting your weaknesses­, you’ll just end up average. #AFPIcon
— marcus buckingham (@mwbuckingham) April 8, 2013

You can lose your home. You can lose your belongings. You can lose your food. You cannot lose your knowledge. #afpICON #afpmeet
— AFP St. Louis (@AFPSTL) April 8, 2013

Change our verbiage? Word “philanthropy” is happy, warm fuzzy. The word “fundraising” is scary, people fear it. #afpmeet #afpicon
— Gail Perry (@GailPerrync) April 8, 2013

.@makingchange created the barefoot challenge to bring awareness to shoeless people in 3rd world. #AFPicon #AFPMeet…
— John Dawe, CFRE (@johndawe) April 8, 2013

Way to keep your development team meetings short? “You can bring your coffee but you can’t sit down!” via @amyeisenstein #afpicon
— Chris LeBrun, CFRE (@chrislebrun) April 8, 2013

Watching Bilaal Rajan speak makes me want to go back in time to my 16-year old self and whack me on the side of the head. #AFPICON #AFPMeet
— Marlisa Post (@MarlisaP) April 8, 2013

Our job is about working with donors… Not managing donations. These are relationships not transactions! #afpicon#afpmeet
— Jessie Singer (@NonprofitJessie) April 8, 2013

‘78% of donors give to more than one charity & 47% give most of their annual donation to one’ #AFPICON
— Derek Bechthold (@DerekBechthold) April 8, 2013

“Do not ask board members to trespass on their personal & professional relationships.” – Simone Joyaux. #afpmeet#afpicon
— Lori L. Jacobwith (@LJacobwith) April 8, 2013

Make it clear. Make it simple. Make your Donor the Hero. Three simple rules for Case. @thattomahern #AFPicon #AFPeeps #afpmeet
— Tammy Zonker (@TammyZonker) April 8, 2013

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.” Muhammad Ali; #afpicon #afpmeet
— AFP St. Louis (@AFPSTL) April 8, 2013

“When you shine a light in a dark place, the evil can no longer hide.” Emmanuel Jal#afpeeps #afpICON
— Alan R. Hutson, Jr. (@nonprofitbowtie) April 8, 2013

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