Social Media FAIL and the Importance of Authenticity

In our face-to-face conversations, men tend to use the communication modes of power, report, information, and conflict. Women prefer to use solidarity, rapport, community, and avoidance. In online communication women are slightly more likely to employ conflict and men are slightly more open to using rapport. However, for men the use of rapport is at odds with the face-to-face behavior which creates dissonance in the perceived authenticity. By understanding these eight different modes of communication you can be more reflective on how you are communicating and refine your message to build authenticity.

Purpose-filled Tweets

Like my mother would say “if you don’t have anything [nice] to say then don’t say anything at all.” I think this also applies to Twitter. It is a good idea to know how you will use the service before you sign up. For the person on the street, Micro-blogging can quickly become much like shouting into hurricane-force winds, an exercise in futility. If you have purpose behind each and every post it can actually add value to your personal and/or professional networks.