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The future of fundraising is here.

Originally formed in 2008, GivingThree℠ promotes a more sustainable view of fundraising that explores all dimensions of philanthropy.

GivingThree LLC

Consulting services provided by GivingThree℠ LLC include the mindful consideration of the interconnection between gifts of “time, talent, and treasure.” It is not uncommon for fundraisers and nonprofit organizations (at least in North America) to focus most of their attention on the “treasure” aspect of philanthropy. GivingThree embodies this holistic approach to philanthropy.

GivingThree is focused on placing emphasis on relational fundraising that engages the full range of donor interests to advance organizational mission for maximum impact.


The “learning lab” model encourages clients to find ongoing growth in their knowledge and understanding. We promote comprehension of current fundraising theory and practice but encourage innovation.

We teach best practices to underscore the ideal. However, we train and encourage based on the current reality of organizational staff and available resources.


GivingThree provides teaching, training, and service as a trusted advisor for organizations and nonprofit professionals seeking to promote sustainable philanthropy.

With wide-ranging experience in nonprofit fundraising, technology, strategic planning, marketing, leadership development, and organizational innovation, we provide support for charitable organizations seeking to establish a sustainable philanthropic culture.

Specific services include teaching and training, volunteer board and staff leadership development, strategic planning, and outsourced support in development leadership and management.

Find the fundraising resources you need.

We provide resources you need to find success and think critically about philanthropy and fundraising.