4 Problems With Giving Tuesday & How to Address Them

Today #GivingTuesday will be trending on Twitter and filling Facebook news feeds. It will also be prominently featured on both new and traditional media outlets. In general terms, this is a good thing. It puts the ideas of charity and philanthropy … [Continue reading]

Thoughts on Future and Current Board Members

According to the old adage, "you are what you eat." I believe that the same holds true for what we read. When ever I am asked to serve on a search committee or take part in interview sessions with job candidates I often include a question about … [Continue reading]

Social Media WIN – Authenticity in Action

In an earlier post I outlined an example of a social media failure. In that example I related how I was contacted by somebody that wanted to add me to their professional network. After some brief exchanges with them it was clear that their request … [Continue reading]

Thank You Montreal: An AFP Leadership Academy Reflection

Montreal Canadiens Warm-up

I had the great opportunity to attend the AFP Leadership Academy this year. AFP conferences are always a great opportunity to network with fundraising peers across the world, catch up with friends I haven't seen in a while, and take in some … [Continue reading]

Social Media FAIL and the Importance of Authenticity


Not long ago a message appeared in my e-mail inbox: SENDER: LinkedIn suggests we may know each other. Must be because of the mutual relationships. Would be glad to invite you to Link In if useful to you. Intrigued, I searched the sender's name … [Continue reading]