CFRE Updates Certification Requirements

CFRE International sent me an E-mail yesterday announcing two revisions to the policies for initial and re-certification. I wasn’t able to locate this announcement on the CFRE website so here is the information for anybody considering to obtain this professional fundraising credential (I recommend you do, as do others).

CFRE1) Earning Continuing Education credits.
Applicants for initial certification and recertification DO NOT have to attain 50% of their continuing education credits from CFRE Approved Continuing Education Providers.
In January 2010, a new requirement was introduced that 50% of reported continuing education activities needed to be from CFRE Approved Continuing Education Providers.  However, many candidates indicated that meeting this threshold was difficult due to the educational offerings available in their region.  In response, the CFRE Board of Directors decided to defer the implementation of the 50% CFRE Approved Provider requirement, pending further evaluation.  Based on this evaluation and continued candidate feedback, the Board since decided to discontinue the 50% policy going forward, and retroactive to March 2010.

The CFRE Approved Continuing Education Provider program enables you to quickly identify those educational opportunities which have been reviewed and deemed eligible for credit by CFRE International.  Eligibility is based on content that is reflected in the CFRE Test Content Outline, which is the identified framework of professional fundraising practice.  We encourage you to seek out these opportunities as you are able.

It is important that our global certification and recertification applicants have ample access to required continuing education activities. To that end, CFRE will continue to work with our Participating Organizations and Approved Continuing Education Providers to enhance the availability of educational offerings while encouraging certificants and applicants to take full advantage of these valuable opportunities.
Click here to view the Continuing Education Credit Policy – Click here to view the CFRE Test Content Outline

2) CFRE now recognizes half-time employment to meet eligibility requirements.

In response to feedback from current and prospective CFRE’s, the CFREI Board of Directors has voted to allow part-time (half-time) employment to be documented in the Professional Practice category on the application for the purpose of initial certification and recertification. CFRE defines half time employment as ½ full time employment (FTE) or greater.
This change in policy was made in consideration of the changing employment landscape in many regions, and after conducting research on the employment requirements at several international certification programs.

CFRE International appreciates the diversity of the fundraising field and is dedicated to staying abreast of trends in the profession, while maintaining the highest standards established for certification programs.

Please feel free to contact CFRE International with your questions or to discuss how this new policy may impact your eligibility.

Click here to view the Policy on Eligibility for the CFRE Credential and Policy on Eligibility for Recertification of the CFRE.

Our hope is that these changes will encourage and assist you in seeking or maintaining your CFRE certification, for your benefit and that of the profession.

CFRE is YOUR certification.  Thank you for your continued support of the CFRE program.

Warm Regards,

Denny Smith, Ph.D.

President and CEO

About Benjamin Mohler

Benjamin Mohler, CFRE, ACFRE has a keen interest in understanding the connection between culture and the practice of philanthropy. His experiences working with international nonprofit organizations, extensive international travel, together with his graduate work at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota and leadership roles with local nonprofits combine to produce his expertise in this area. He’s also a big baseball fan.

Mohler is the Assistant Vice President for Development at Eastern Kentucky University. Prior to his current role, he held key roles with The William States Lee College of Engineering at UNC Charlotte, Cedarville University, and The Cockrell School of Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. He is a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE), Advanced Certified Fundraising Professional (ACFRE), and serves AFP at an international level, including his current role chairing the publishing committee for the AFP Fund Development Series.

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