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Feedback request on research topic

I have finally narrowed down all my research to a focused research topic. Please give me your feedback on the research title shown below. Feel free to leave a comment here or reply to @GivingThree on Twitter. Cultural Dimensions Informing the Context of Philanthropy in Ghana: Evolving From Social Reciprocity to a Western Construct of […]

Fresh set of eyes

This post is an open request for feedback from people who have never worked for a nonprofit and are inclined to say “philanthropy” is an awkward word. I remember when I first started working in the nonprofit sector. I entered the third sector workforce thinking of it as a short-term thing… you know, until I […]

Importance of getting the basics right

Just finished listening to the latest podcast from Fundraising is Beautiful entitled Back from the brink: How a sick organization got better. It is over twenty-six minutes, but the first ten is worth it. In discussing how he addressed the dreaded death spiral of an ineffective fundraising strategy, Chris Doyle, President and CEO of American […]

Cultivation and Qualification for Major Gifts

The Private School Sample Case Study is a basic exercise in developing the skills necessary for cultivation and qualification to identify how a major gift prospect connects with your case for support in a way that resonates with their interests. Often times this can be as simple as an honest conversation over a cup of […]