Archives for May 2009

Purpose-filled Tweets

Like my mother would say “if you don’t have anything [nice] to say then don’t say anything at all.” I think this also applies to Twitter. It is a good idea to know how you will use the service before you sign up. For the person on the street, Micro-blogging can quickly become much like shouting into hurricane-force winds, an exercise in futility. If you have purpose behind each and every post it can actually add value to your personal and/or professional networks.

Managers value quantity not quality

The ears of executive directors and fundraiser managers everywhere are burning. This article from is a must read for anybody that manages a development staff. I have found that nonprofit leadership (when removed from frontlines fundraising) often times loses touch with the character qualities that define a productive fundraiser. These managers replace quality with […]

Role of the nonprofit website

Thanks to the Chronicle of Philanthropy for the reminder and link to statistics regarding nonprofit use of the web. A nonprofit website is not just a place to post information about your organization. It should help facilitate an ongoing conversation with donors, prospects, and beneficiaries. I think too often, nonprofits think of websites as a […]

Advice for Friends in Career Transition

Considering the recent news headlines and the fact that I live and work in Charlotte, North Carolina it should probably come as no surprise that I have been getting more and more calls from people in the banking industry. They are calling to ask for advice on how to make the transition to the nonprofit […]

Always leave a (thank you) note

Hat tip to Arrested Development for the post title inspiration. I learned at an early age the power of the written note. My parents taught me that a well written note must be sent promptly but show thoughtfulness. It also must be personal but brief. My work in the nonprofit sector has proven to be […]