Archives for November 2007

Donor advised fund for the millennial generation

Here’s my first hand feedback on the Facebook/nonprofit topic. The Facebook plug-ins that allow donors to support their favorite causes through the popular social networking site basically amounts to a donor advised fund for a new generation. Gifts given through the Facebook Causes application go to where they take a 3% cut for credit card […]

Donors bid millions NOT to rename school

Facebook and embedded giving aren’t the best examples of philanthropy. This story out of Wisconsin. Donors team up to preserve the Business school name for the next 20 years… that’s what I call philanthropy.

Generous Kids

This is more of a teaser than anything else. I’ve been thinking about this for some time. I’d like to add a monthly feature where I’ll  review a book that encourages people to think about philanthropy. Generous Kids will be the first book I plan to review. The second book I plan to review is Donna […]

Embedded giving

I’m not a personal fan of “embedded giving.” I feel like it cheapens the intent of philanthropy. It’s the easy way for business to give the appearance of caring, without really making a sacrifice. Like cause marketing, these two methods are exactly that… marketing. Why is the next logical step advancing American philanthropy to link giving […]