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How to position yourself as human

Jeff Brooks at the Donor Power Blog discusses how to think less in terms of  getting “millions of contacts” and more about knowing individuals and discovering their passions. Credit to Dave O. for the “millions of contacts” method, for he is the master of this approach to fundraising. I prefer to work with people on […]

Philanthropy Thoughts

Philanthropy Thoughts will soon be The Philanthropy Primer. However, only the name will change. Like Philanthropy Thoughts, The Philanthropy Primer will contain links to interesting nonprofit sector insights. The More They Give, the More They Love You All we need is love. Have Donors Changed In 50 Years? Check out the list of motivators… fodder […]

When Donors Complain

According to Jeff Brooks from Fundraising Success, “…organizations need a sense of self confidence….” Truer words were never spoken.  My mother always said you will remember the negative more than the positive….  She also said people are more likely to complain than to compliment. These are both things I use to temper negative feedback, when […]